If you are really willing and determined to lose weight, the beginning of the road is easy. You have to keep your motivation high if you want to  reach the goal.  At the same time you are carefully choosing the food and constantly go to gym. After a while some things are getting complicated.
From time to time you are starting to cheat, saying to yourself that this time will not have serious impact on your body. Persuaded that the missed exercises are not as important as the experts say, soon or later you realize that you fully back to your old habits – like the old jeans.

How to keep your motivation for weight loss? Something that many people do not understand it at all. You have to wash your teeth everyday if you want to have a bright smile. You must find a way to keep your motivation high if you want to have a fit body.

1st – Keep visual targets
The more you can see the goal, the more you will be encouraged. Slowly but surely, your wish and progress are becoming visible and unstoppable.
One way you can achieve this goal is to make a collage of photos that will represent what you expect of yourself when you will achieve it. No matter how big or small it is, the importance is to be in your sight.


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