Breasts are consisted of fatty tissues. You gain weight on your breasts when you actually gain weight just like rest of the body. The amounts of weight a women gain or lose on their breasts depend on the composition of their breasts which is individual for every person. Some individuals have more breast tissue and less fatty tissue.

So, gaining weight is the easiest way to enlarge the breasts. However, this way is not feasible for all.

Breast Size

Here is a few effective and natural ways you can implement to make your breasts bigger:

Lifestyle: Your breasts size can be determined by physical activity you practice and what you consume. Exercising regularly is one way to achieve your goal.

Regular chest presses, wall presses, lifting dumbbells and pushups are absolutely the best exercises that will firm and increase your breast size. Muscles are built up in the breasts area by doing these exercises that will enlarge and keep your breasts attractive and firm.

Incline chest presses is one of the advised exercises to enlarge the breasts.

Exercises To Enlarge The Breasts

Grab 2 dumbbells while you are lying on a bench and rest them on the thighs. With the palms facing forward, bring the dumbbells up to your shoulder height. Over the chest, press them straight up until they are about one inch apart, and then slowly return.

Your clothes can also make your breasts appear bigger. Choosing the right bra size is crucial. However, you should also improve your posture.

Herbal Treatment  

The following herbs are the most effective ones that can increase the breast size:

-         Fennel – This seed is full of flavanoids that increase the growth if the breast tissue cells.
-         Saw Palmetto – this powerful herb controls the excess testosterone that actually hinders the development of the breasts.
-         Fenugreek – by stimulating the production of prolactin, fenugreek increases breasts size.

Breast Massage

Massage of your breasts provides nutrients into the human body and helps to circulate the blood where the breast size increases as well. For effective and faster results, make sure to massage your breasts every day.

Source: Cure Joy

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