Today, we are going to show you the best way to grow a lemon tree at home in your garden. Certain plants can be grown out and indoors. The most important thing in this process is that you will get totally organic lemons without the worry of contaminations.

Citrus fruits are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamins etc. Some citrus fruits are easier to grow so they can be grown in your yard. If you start to grow them by yourself, you will be able to taste the difference in quality and freshness by avoiding different kinds of pesticides and chemicals.


Lemons are extremely healthy and useful fruits. Lemon is considered as one of the most powerful superfoods of the 21 century that gives a ton of beneficial effects to the human body.


How can you grow lemons?

To get the best results with your lemons you have to buy baby tree (2-3 years). Take a plastic pot (12-15 inches deep / 17-20 inches in diameter), make a lot of holes in the bottom and get the plant into the pot. Afterwards put some stones (small size) in the bottom of the pot (to improve the air flow), then fill it with soil.

Place the tree on sun light and water it regularly. The plant will need 6-9 months to ripen.

Or you can grow your lemon tree from seed by following the instructions bellow.

You will need the following items to grow lemon tree from seed:

  • Seeding Pot – 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide
  • Planting Pot – 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide
  • Fertile potting soil
  • Organic lemon seeds
  • Sunny indoor location (grow lamp if possible)

Complete guide on how to grow your own lemon tree:

  1. Moisten the soil all the way through ((but not soaked)
  2. Fill the smeller pot with soil
  3. Remove a seed from a lemon and simply suck it until it’s completely clean (you have to remove the pulp)
  4. Put the seed half an inch deep in the pot (the seed must be moist)
  5. Spray the soil using spray bottle
  6. The next thing that you should do is to cover the pot with plastic wrap and poke holes with a pencil on the top
  7. Store the pot on sunny,warm location
  8. Do not allow the soil to dry out so spray on water occasionally (do not spray large amount of water, but just keep the soil moist)
  9. When the sprouts will emerge take off the plastic covering. You can use grow light if you don’t have enough sun light
  10. As we mentioned above, you have to keep the plant eight hours on a day light and you have to give it normal doses of organic fertilizer
  11. Protect the plant from diseases and bugs by using pesticides – if YOU MUST!
  12. Put the plant in a larger pot when it outgrows the small pot. It is the same procedure when you will re plan the tree as when you first did it. You have to know that younger trees need more water than older ones.

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