Headaches are one of the most often health issues in the world and they can really affect person’s mood and temper. The most common type of headaches is the tension headache (a feeling of constant pressure around the head, mostly on the back of the head and the neck) and the cluster headache (affects more men than women, and is appearing suddenly with severe and debilitating pain on the side of the head). There are a numerous reasons for headache, but before trying to do anything else in order to relieve it, we are recommending you 3 effective and very simple methods which will release you from the terrible headache.

Get Rid of Headaches within 60 Seconds

Bite a pencil

When people are anxious or under a stress, they usually are gritting their teeth subconsciously and therefore are tiring the muscle, which is connecting the jaw with the temple that results with a headache. So, to prevent this, you simply need to bite some pencil that is made of wood. This practice will disable the jaw’s function, it will relieve them and therefore you will avoid the ache.

Try an acupressure

An acupressure is ancient technique which is based on applying pressure to some certain spots of the body and to stop or relieve aches. Try to locate the certain place on the upper part of the hand, precisely the spot where the thumb and the index finger are joined. Squeeze that place and massage it gently with circular movements for about 1 or 2 minutes.  This simple trick will help you to get rid of the annoying headache.

Massage with a mint ethereal oil

If you are having problems with allergies or sinusitis, you need to massage the forehead with a mint ethereal oil. Pour an olive oil or a baby oil and 2 to 3 drops mint ethereal oil. Mix them with the fingers, put to the forehead and smoothly massage the temples and the place beyond the nose with circular movement. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes.


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