Snoring is problem that stars most of the fights with your partner. A regular and good sleep are essential, and most of us already know about its benefits.

If you are frustrated and struggle because your partner is snoring and it keeps you awake all night, you should know that this will not only affect your relationship, but your health too.

The causes of snoring?

One of the main reasons that causes snoring is excess mucous. Start with reducing the amounts of mucous buildups in your throat and free up the airways. This is the best way to reduce or even stop snoring.

This healthy juice is the perfect way to stop snoring and don’t wait, make it for yourself, or make it for your partner and prevent this unwanted night struggle.


-2 carrots
-2 apples
-a thumb-size piece of ginger
-1/4 lemon

Method of Preparation:

All you need to do is to juice all the ingredients together well.

It is best to always use organic ingredients. There are products and foods that make the snoring worse, and it is best to avoid them: excess consumption of alcohol, fried food, chocolate, heavily floured food and processed food.

Stop Snoring

Reduce or eliminate the consumption of these foods and you’ll see the results. Instead, drink fresh made juice from raw and organic ingredients. This will help you alleviate snoring, improve your overall health and reduce the mucus in your airways.

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