We inhale, ingest and drink various health-boosting nutrients during our day. However, we also absorb toxins and waste. In order to eliminate these toxins, our bodies rely on organs like the kidneys and the lungs. However, one of the most important organs that makes body detox possible is the liver.

The Importance of the Liver

The liver detoxifies the blood from alcohol, drugs and toxins. Furthermore, it stores minerals and vitamins and converts the sugar which is stored into usable energy. The liver also produces bile which helps with fats digestion, breaks down insulin, hemoglobin and other hormones and also gets rid of old red blood cells.

However, the liver can become overworked. Fortunately, there are a number of spices and herbs which will help with the detox. The most potent are the bitter herbs which stimulate the liver function.

The most popular herbs which stimulate liver function are dandelion root and milk thistle. These herbs and their health benefits are described in a number of articles.

Blessed thistle

The original use of this bitter herb was as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Its name is blessed thistle since it was believed to cure everything. This herb is often prepared as a tea, where it is an expectorant, however if the dosage is larger it is an emetic. An expectorant is perfect for cough and colds since it helps the clear mucus from the chest. An emetic is going to cause vomiting and this is the last resort when supporting the liver. If taken in lower dosages it supports digestion and stimulates the stomach acids.


This herb is related to the Japanese cuisine and it is also a bitter herb. You can use the whole plant but its root is more popular and it can be prepared with food, prepared as a tea or you can mix it with alcohol for a strong solution. Burdock is able to detoxify the liver and to purify the blood. It functions as a diuretic and encourages urination. Native Americans used burdock in order to treat a number of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. This is because of its antifungal, antibacterial and diaphoretic properties.

Red Clover

This wild herb originates from Asia, Europe and Africa. It is similar to burdock in many ways. It can purify blood and also stimulate sweating which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. This is the reason this herb is potent for treating skin conditions.

Rec clover can also be made into an ointment for relieving inflammation. If it is used for a liver supports, it is usually used as a tea and its taste is a bit sweet. When used as a tea, it functions as an expectorant and it helps the body to eliminate mucus.


Watercress is rich in vitamin K, Vitamin A and protein. It also help with the detox of the body. This herb is rich in phytochemicals which are known as glucosinates. These compounds stimulate the detox abilities of the liver. According to a study from the University of Illinois, glucosinates make it possible for the liver to eliminate cancer-causing carcinogens. This herb is a diuretic as well.

Sheep Sorrel

Sheep sorrel, which is a bitter herb, is also a diuretic and supports the liver. This herb is one of the ingredients in the essiac tea, which is used against cancer. It can purify the blood of infections and similar impurities and it is rich in nutrients.

Source: theheartysoul.com

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