Most of the people have the habit of putting a glass of water near their nightstand before go to sleep. They often wake up and drink from the water. Now we are going to present you why you should definitely break that bad habit.

Here's Why You Should Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand!

It has also changed its position not only doesn’t taste the same after a few hours. Proteins and sugars are not consisted in the regular water. These ingredients are consisted in the food and this is the reason why it is targeted by microbes. There is still no reason and explanation about the strange taste in the water that stood during the night next to your bed.

A large amount of bacteria and dust are usually gathering in that water. Water absorbs small part of CO2 and carbon dioxide that is converted into carbonic acid when it is exposed to air, which changes the chemical composition of the water. When carbon acid is turned into bicarbonate or carbonate by releasing one or two portions, it lowers the pH value of water and changes its taste.

We do not prove that water is extremely harmful for your health, but that it gathers dust and bacteria from the air and thus changed the taste. We will only advise to think twice before do that again.

Have a nice day and enjoy your healthy body.  


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