I am writing this article about the significance of wisdom teeth while all of mine teeth have been extracted. They have been gone long time ago. I am pretty sure that you have similar tooth problems, as well.

I did not know any better! Like most of you, I’ve trusted my dentist to do his own job as best as possible, while not even questioning his methods. But, I should have questioned and should have researched myself.

However, now I can share my researches and findings with you here, so you can make your own decisions and not just listen to the dentist, simply because he tells you so. Most of us have been told that the wisdom teeth should be extracted just because they aren’t really needed. In accordance to the dentists, they are just unneeded teeth that problematically crowd out mouths.

Here's Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth - The Wisdom Teeth Scam!

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

The wisdom teeth, also known as Third Molars, are the farthest back teeth. They usually appear in the late teenage years or early twenties. A report, which has been published in American Journal of Public Health, claimed that more than 66 % of preventative wisdom teeth amputations are unnecessary.

You should know that the old tales about wisdom teeth initiating all sort of diseases, is simple not true! Let’s take a look at it realistically. It is an enormous money maker (more than billion dollars per year) for the dental industry.

In the late 1900, Dr. Weston A. Price did great research about the connection between the oral health and illnesses. He has found that the native tribes, with their traditional diet, were almost 100 % free of tooth decay.

Dr. Weston A. Price came to the conclusion that the connection between dental and overall health lies in the nutrition. Luckily, his discovery is practiced by the holistic dentists today who understand that if we take enough nutrients to the jaw bone through its development, all our teeth will have right space in the mouth without crowding.

That means a proper nutrition is the most important thing behind trouble free wisdom teeth.


Source >  livingtraditionally.com

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