Removing body hair or waxing is now very prevalent and common way to maintain hygiene. Removal of hair causes a health risk and is very harmful according to many experts.

Here is Why The Waxing Of Intimate Parts is Very Dangerous!

Almost all types of waxing are very damaging where the skin suffers greatly because it is too sensitive around the genitals. The removal of public hair increases the risk of herpes, sexually transmitted diseases and infections among young people, explains Emily Gibson from the University of Washington.

Public hair protects the skin from damage by bacteria. Waxing actually leaving microscopic open wounds, inflames follicles and irritates the skin.

There is no benefit from the removal of the body hair according to most of the surgeons. Dr. Gibson explains that they remove the hair before surgical interventions in order to avoid infection.

However there are there are businesses that make millions of dollars by removing unwanted hair. We live in the era of Victoria Beckham who insists that all women older than 15 years have to get Brazilian waxing or Kim Kardashian who says that women have to have hair only on their heads.

However you should carefully read and follow the instructions on the packaging of preparations. We would also advise you to try the solution (natural way to remove unwanted hair forever) before getting Brazilian wax.


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