Your sleep pose will generally depend on the comfort. But, there are positions which are recommended by the experts when it comes to the health.

While many of them advise that we should sleep on the back, there are various reasons why we shouldn’t sleep on the right side. If this is your favorite side, it may be time for you to reevaluate the choice because of the following:

Here Is Why Sleeping on Your Right Side Could be Killing You!

For Pregnant Women

While isn’t a big no, because there are periods when we cannot control our position as we sleep, doctors are recommending that the future moms should really try to avoid the right side. There are certain reasons for that, including:
You are reducing the blood circulation that the unborn baby is getting.
Many experts believe sleeping on the right side is not good for the placenta that has a big role in the baby’s health.
You also restrict the nutrients that the baby can get from the food you consume.
Because you weight more than usual, sleeping on the right side for prolonged time can put a pressure on the liver. This could be detrimental to the health.
The most devastating effect of the right side sleeping is that it increases the risks of stillbirth. Moreover, this risk doubles in the final semester, so try to avoid this sleep position as much as possible.

For Your Health

Even if you aren’t pregnant, you need to avoid sleeping on the right side. This position could give you many health disadvantages, which include the following:


Many pregnant women are prone to a heartburn. Furthermore, adults could also suffer from a heartburn and sleeping on the right side can even worsen the issue.


If you are sleeping on the right side (or even on the left one), you probably notice that most of the times you are waking up with squeezed arm numbness.


Because the gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) is very bad for the esophagus, the muscular and region right next the stomach can lead to a cancer.

The best sleep position for every person is sleeping on the back.


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