The newest study has finally proved that belly fat absolutely serious problem even for people at a normal weight. Excess (fat) pounds around your waist increases the risk of premature death even for individuals who are not overweight.

According to the new study that was published in Annals of Internal Medicine – Nov.10, people with normal weight with belly fat had an even higher risk of diseases and death compared with obese and overweight people.

Belly Fat

The most eminent cardiologist, Dr. Paul Poirier – from the University in Quebec, Canada, explains: “Belly fat is bad fat”.

Belly fat (stomach fat) has been linked to diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, inflammation and high cholesterol.

Having a fat around your waist is far worse than having far around your hips. It is relay bad for your heart if you have weight around your waist besides you are normal weight person. Poirier explains: If your weight measurements are normal, above 34 inches for women and 40 inches for men, this is absolutely obesity.

These people are obese from a belly perspective, not from a weight perspective – he said.

The professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Francisco Lopez, conducted a study where he used data to compare the risk premature death among 15, 000 adults.

Body mass index (BMI) and waist-to-hip-ratios were the estimated by the researchers. Regardless of BMI, the worst long-term survival had normal weight adults with extra tummy fat. And men with normal weight with bigger stomachs seemed to fare even worse than slimmer women with more belly fat.

There was 87% increased risk of death of male with normal weight with more fat around the stomach compared to men who were with normal weight without belly fat.           The study revealed people excess fat in the waist have more than twice the risk of dying early.

Women with normal weight with excess around the waist had almost 50% increased risk of death compared with women with normal weight without belly fat. The researchers found that women with normal weight with excess fat around the waist had 32% increased risk of early death.

Director of Yale University Prevention Research Center, Dr. David Katz, explained that this actually leads to fat accumulation in some vital organs (liver).

According to Dr. Poirier “central obesity is the most dangerous variety”.

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