We all know that ginger is one of the healthiest herbs on the planet. The regular intake of this super food boosts the immunity during the winter and in case of fatigue and chronic exhaustion.

Ginger is recommended as a preventive agent against flu and colds, inflammation of the digestive system and the airways, due to the presence of gingerols, it has powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

tibetan tea

Besides it is excellent against cold, ginger also enhances the secretion of toxins, stimulates sweat, warms the body and encourages circulation. These are great reasons why this super food is often used in the process of detoxification.

If you use it fresh, you can obtain the best results, so you can add it in our meals. The mixture between glass of water and a drop of its essential oil, you will prevent bloating after meals and cramps.

Remarkable kind of tea fir longevity is the Tibetan tea where ginger is the main ingredient.

In order to maintain longevity and good health, you should consume this powerful tea before every meal.


-         2l of water

-         1 pinch of anise

-         A pinch of ground hot pepper

-         1 tbsp of honey (organic)

-         2 tbsp of lemon juice

-         5g grated ginger


In a bowl (bottle) of hot water add anise, pepper, honey, lemon juice and ginger. Mix it well, let it stay for a few minutes and consume it in a little sips during the day, or you can consume a cup of the tea before every meal for better results.

The amount of this dose is enough for 3 people.

Source: Natural Cures And Home Remedies

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