In this article we are going to offer you the best yoga poses which will help you to beat belly fat very fast.

Mill Churning Pose/ ChakkiChalanasana

This is very good yoga pose that originates from communities of India. It’s reducing the belly fat and after pregnancy fat.

-Sit down with the legs stretched out and spread apart as possible.

-Stretch the arms out in front of the chest and interlock the fingers.

-Rotate the hands in clockwise direction forming huge circles. Don’t bend the knees or lift the legs.

-Breathe out as you are moving forward and right, and breathe in as you are moving backwards and left.

-Make ten rounds in certain direction then repeat the method in opposite direction.

-Finish by sitting restfully and relax till your breathing gets normal.

Here Is How To Lose Belly Fat, Get Rid Of Muffin Top & Tone Your Body Fast With These Incredible Yoga Poses!

Bow Pose/Dhanurasana

The Bow Pose could help you lose the belly fat and your extra weight. It’s strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, chest, back, ankles and groin.

Also, it’s improving digestion, treating gastrointestinal issues, promoting blood circulation and improving the function of the liver, small and large intestine and pancreas. Also, it’s acting as great reliever of stress.

-Lie down on the stomach, put the chin on floor and keep the legs stretched out.

-Exhale, raise the legs, bend the knees toward the buttocks and hold the ankles with the hands.

-Inhale, rise up slowly, lift the chest off the ground and look straight.

-Stay into this particular position for about 20 seconds and hold the breath. The weight of the body should be on the abdomen.

-Exhale smoothly and return to the main position.

-Do this 8 – 10 times.

-In the end, relax and continue taking long and deep breaths for 1 minute.

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