Unlike the regular table salt, Himalayan salt provides many health benefits. It contains 84 natural elements and minerals which are normally found in the human body. These nutrients contribute to our overall vitality and health. The minerals present in this salt are very tiny so they are ideal for easy and fast absorption.


Salt Therapy Is Not New

Salt rooms have been used in Easter Europe for different therapeutic purposes more than 200 years, but they are relatively new in America.

Before many years ago, salt mines have been visited for treating lung conditions. Ancient Greece also used Halotherapy for respiratory issues.

However, salt therapy is becoming more and more popular in the US with the introduction of salt rooms in spas. Salt represents very strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent.

Many people visit salt mines to eliminate and treat different respiratory issue such as asthma, hay fever, allergies and congestion. Some visit the newly emerging salt rooms in New York, Orlando and London to get the same effects.

However, you do not have to go so far to get the amazing health benefits of Himalayan salt. You can include this powerful salt into your everyday life by using Himalayan salt lamp, baths, adding to your meals etc. It can be found in different forms such as ground salt, coarse salt, labs, rocks, blocks and slabs.

Health Benefits of Salt Inhalers

These inhalers are combination between the best modern and old technology. Himalayan salt is consisted at the bottom of the inhalers so the air’s natural moisture actually absorbs the salt particles into your lungs when you breathe in.

This powerful technique is excellent in the fight against lung inflammation and really helpful for treating issues such as hay fever, sinus congestion, congestion, asthma, allergies and colds. Unlike traditional inhalers, this technique comes with no side effects:

  • Due to the presence of antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial in its content, Himalayan salt cleanses the body from toxic and harmful organisms.
  • It reduces redness and swelling of nasal passages.
  • This inhaler relieves irritation and inflammation from smoke and pollutants.
  • Reduces excess mucous and eliminates night time coughing and post nasal drip.


Do not use plastic, but ceramic inhaler. Place a rock at the bottom, put the mouthpiece of the inhaler in the mouth and then breathe out though the nose and inhale through the mouth. Do not add water, this inhaler is only for dry therapy.

The salt ions get into your lungs when you breathe. They actually go to our bloodstream once they are absorbed by the lungs. They ease the lung pain caused by asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia and also reduce lung inflammation.

Note: Do not forget to clean the inhaler according to the instructions and do not share with others.

If you use the inhaler regularly, you will few improvements in just a few days!

Himalayan salt can be bought in many health food stores and online!

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