The doctor told him that he would not live for long, but he absolutely recovered after a couple of weeks!

Here Is How This Man Stunned The Doctors With Defeating 4th STAGE Prostate Cancer!

It’s magnificent how something simple and cheap as the baking soda is healing cancer completely! But thousands of people confirm that it really can. One of those people is Vernon Johnston, who was using baking soda and successfully defeated the prostate cancer inn stage 4 that even spread to his bone marrow. The doctor said that there is no cure for him.

Because he didn’t have a maple syrup in his kitchen he used molasses. He decided to destroy the cancer before the cancer destroys him.

Vernon was writing about his treatments in his diary, about the procedures that have been used and that included diet that was promoting minerals, alkalinity, and vitamin supplements, and lots of sunlight with molasses and baking soda, which was a replacement for the maple syrup.

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is the safest, cheapest and probably the most effective remedy for healing cancer.

The maple syrup is like a Trojan horse, which is allowing the baking soda to enter in the cancer cells and attack them with the alkalinity and oxidized them to devastation.

Also, molasses are helping as a nutritional support and better mineral base. Else, the most alternative cancer treatment is involving total abstention of sugar that is feeding the cancer cells.

The recipe that saved his life:

Put 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a cup and add a little bit of maple syrup and then, add some water.

Do the same in some other pot, but on a stove to get little warm and then mix it all together.

Drink this beverage a couple of times per day.

It’s very important as Vernon says, to cleanse the body from acidity if you have cancer and in order to get alkaline environment, baking soda is simply the best thing with renunciation of “the sugar” of course, and the food that is raising the body’s acidity. After a couple of weeks, Vernon visit a medical examination where he got the best news in his life that he is completely healed of the prostate cancer and the bone marrow. He is telling the story to everyone from this day on.

In the following video, you can see how to make this remedy.



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