Onion has always been part of our meals, whether consume in a salad or raw. These natural recipes with cooked and baked onion will help you heal various health conditions.

Here Are All The Diseases That Cooked And Baked Onion Treats And Cures!

Onion compresses

When you have an ear pain, headache, swelling or a cold, put compresses from cut onion on the affected place.

For high temperature, put onion compresses onto the legs.

In case of nose bleeding, apply compresses from cut onion on the neck.

If you have a bite from some wild animal, put compresses form onion on the wounds.

For subcutaneous ulcer or skin ulcer, ground an onion and mix it with a bit of olive oil, and then put it on the painful spot and keep it for 1-2 hours.

Onion juice

Take an onion, cut it and squeeze the juice from it. If you have lungs’ inflammation or other disease, mix the onion juice with one spoon of honey and consume it two or three times a day.

If you want to encourage hair growth or prevent hair loss, massage your head with an onion juice, couple of times per day.

Cure a persistent cough with an onion juice together with water. This is the same recipe for removing parasites from a bowel.

Massage an onion juice on the skin couple of times a day for skin diseases.

Against stomach flatulence, consume an onion juice mixed with a liquor into equal proportions.

Cooked onion

In case of frequent urination and ulcer, cut 1 onion, mix it with 2 dl water and 1 spoon honey. Then, cook the onion with some rosemary, 2 dl wine and 2 dl water and consume 1 spoon every hour.

Baked onion

If you have ulcers and wounds, first wash the painful spots, then put the onion previously baked into oil.

In case of blood clogging issues, you need to consume an onion fried into oil every day.

For ear infections, put a compress from a warm baked onion on the ear.

For various types of tumors, put baked onion leaves on the skin surface.


Source > healthtipssource.com

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