It is almost irresistible to every woman to fall flat in her bed after a busy night and not remove her bra. To add, there is a myth that says that women who wear a bra while sleeping have perkier breasts. Despite the fact that you know about the harmful effects that wearing a bra can have, you are always tempted to leave it on. However, if you take your bra off, you will be making a significant difference to your health in many ways.


Once you become aware of the consequences that wearing a bra can have, you will definitely want to remove it before going to bed. Bra that does not fit well is the prime cause of trouble, and most women choose to wear bras which are too tight. It is far better to sleep without bra regardless of your believes that it is a good or bad thing.

1.Circulation is one of the first  things which  suffer if you sleep wearing  your bra, especially  if it is an underwire bra. If the wire is too close to your skin, the pectoral muscles might be constricted, and this affects the nerves circulation  in your arms. Additionally, if the bra is with tight compression,such as sports bra, it can hurt breast tissue if it is worn too often.

  1. Skin irritation is another important side-effect of wearing a bra to bed. The hooks and the straps can protrude into the skin, and can cause lesions or in some cases, if they are left for some time or if your bra is underwire, cysts. There is a chance that you may not feel the pain during the night.
  2.  Restlessness is yet another side-effect that can be caused by wearing a bra during night. This happens because the negligible irritation prevents you from entering into a deep sleep.

 4. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by hooks and  straps which are very tight and in constant skin contact , they cause darkening of that specific area.

5. Breast fungus is yet another consequence of constantly wearing an ill-fitting bra to bed. The moist and warm environment can be a perfect breeding place for fungi, and since most women wear ill-fitting bras for the biggest part of their lives, it is possible for  breast fungus to develop. You will definitely decrease the chances of developing fungus if you remove your bra before going to bed, especially if you have bigger bust size and you live in a place with hot climate.

Even though the reasoning behind the choice to remove the bra at night is based on the presumption that it does not fit appropriately, the best choice is always to remove it and allow your skin to breathe. If you want to avoid skin irritation, poor circulation, restlessness, breast fungus and hyperpigmentation, remove your bra at night.


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