You can eat this vegetable salad whenever you want and how you want and also it will provide your body with  minerals and vitamins,  and all the other elements essential for the human organism, it will not increase your weight, on the contrary, it will contribute to  keeping the slim line. It’s ideal for dinner or breakfast, and it’s made on very simple way and with products that can be found very easily.

What we need for this salad?

- A piece of white cabbage

- 4 carrots

- Slice red cabbage

- a garlic

- a little spice

- black pepper

- olive oil

How can you prepare it?

Very simple, you need to chop all the ingredients together, season it with salt, spice, pepper and olive oil and to mix them very well and that’s all, you then you just need to enjoy this delicious vegetable salad.

Vegetable Salad

Why is it so useful for our health?

Each fruit and vegetable is beneficial for our organism, but the red color is really special. The connection of red cabbage, red onion and carrot will give the ideal amount of vitamins and amount of antioxidants to your body and if you consume them regularly it will contribute to:

- better vision

- better immunity

- slender line

- vitality

- healthy skin

… etc. Vegetable salad is the best choice for the hot summer days, but also for the whole year, that’s why you should consume them more and stay completely vital and healthy throughout the whole year.

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