Today we are going to present you how to whiten your teeth without going to the dentist, and tooth masks that can reverse tooth decay on safe and natural way.

However, you also have to make some lifestyle changes such as:

-         Avoid eating refined white sugar

-         Flossing before go to sleep

-         Oil pulling in the morning – four times a week for 20 min

-         Try to consume food rich in Vitamin K2 and D3, including full-fat milk, cream, chicken and grass fed butter.

These two masks are really effective in healing early decays, removing stains on teeth and whitening the teeth.

  1. Mask with clove oil, turmeric and coconut oil


- A pinch of sea salt (optional)

- 2 drops of clove essential oil

- ¼ tsp of organic coconut oil

- ¼ tsp of turmeric powder


Place all the ingredients that we mentioned above in a bowl mix well. Brush your teeth by applying the mixture on the toothbrush. Let it act for 5 min and then brush your teeth with water.

2. Mask for instantly shiny white teeth

The ingredients consisted in this powerful mask will whiten your teeth and remove plaque instantly. By using it once a week, you will achieve the results.


-         A drop of sweet orange essential oil (optional)

-         ¼ tsp of licorice root powder

-         ½ tsp of activated charocal


Place all the ingredients in a bowl and then mix them with a toothbrush. Put some mixture on your toothbrush and apply it on the teeth. Let the mixture act for 5 min and then remove the mask completely by washing your teeth with water.


DO not use the mask if you are allergic to some of the ingredients. When using the masks, do not swallow the ingredients.

Source: Healthiest Alternative

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