If you are a vegetarian (except lacto-vegetarian) you are not using milk and dairy products. However, the natural and crude milk is having an amazing medical benefits. Still, some specialists from Harvard are claiming that dairy products and accustomed milks are having negative effects on the health because of the added sweeteners. Too much sugar is leading to extra weight, unsteady intestines, diabetes and other health problems. Harvard Scientist Urges People to Stop Drinking “Low-fat” Milk Immediately!

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the USA Department of Agriculture, together with some other associations are suggesting to avoid the usage of sugary drinks.  But, still, they are recommending the usage of low-fat per day. Furthermore, there are specialists who are confused about this recommendation.

With the recommended usage of milk, USDA is encouraging the consumption of contained sugars, even though many studies are showing that people shouldn’t consume them. These studies are usually pointing towards sugary drinks, like sodas and artificial sweetened juices, but they aren’t discussing much about the low-fat milk.

The consummation of low-fat milk or chocolate milks, are neutralizing the whole thinking for the prepositions. In fact, the fat is replaced with unnatural sugars.

The case against the low-fat dairy and some other dangers of the milk

It’s requiring a lot of motivation to avoid specific fats, such as reined polyunsaturated fats and trans-fats that are included in the vegetable oils like corn, sunflower oil, canola an soy, even though the proof for the immerse usage of fat, including coconut oil and milk are lifting up to the top.

However, there are so many benefits of drinking full-fat milk. Even in their most genuine stats, like the crude and natural milk that originates from grass-fed dairy animals, the full-fat dairy is benefiting the heart health, assist in vitamins intake, control diabetes, decreases the disease risks and is helps in the process of losing weight.

Yet, do not forget that the dairy which you are consuming, is having more than 20 painkillers and anti-toxins, and many other dangerous components that are in it.

Source >  www.healthylivinghouse.com

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