You always wanted to have a few pounds less, or have trouble or you’re bothered with 20 or more unwanted pounds?

The point of any diet it’s not to come out weaker and sick, but to lose weight on a healthier way. This can be achieved only with a balanced diet. Losing weight fast sometimes looks more tempting but we should be always aware of the negative effects of the quick weight loss and that’s why we should always target  more balanced and healthier way of losing weight .

How our body takes the diet :

1.The current State

A person with extra weight has increased percentage of body fat.

2. The duration of the diet

Each diet has some of its benchmarks, but most of them boil down to the disposal of certain group of foods (mostly carbohydrates) or starvation. This way we don’t enter in our body all the nutrients and because we starve we spend our muscle mass and we throw out excess water from the body. It also creates an apparent result, less pounds on the scale, smaller sizes of our clothing, but the fat remains.


3. After the diet

We know that the muscle mass uses energy (calories), and during the diet we reduced them so now there is no one to spend the calories, therefore  the body will accrue more fat. When to all of this the return of water is added, comes the famous Yo-Yo effect. Anyone who has ever been on a diet is assured in this!

It’s now clear why some diets can make more harm than good. Besides the physical effects, diets often have psychological consequences, as it can cause disappointment, fear of future failures, etc..

If you really want lasting results, more energy and vitality,  always target balanced diet.

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