Every time when you exercise, you feel new energy, but how it’s happen, experts explaining…

When you start exercising, your brain recognizes it as a stressful moment. As the heart rate speeds up, the brain thinks that you fight with the enemy or escape from someone.

To protect yourself and your brain from stress, your body releases protein called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

BDNF has protective powers and acts to feel happy and to clarify things that we don’t know.

At the same time endorphins release too, that also fight against stress. It is associated with the feelings of euphoria and also prevents you to feel pain.

Although BDNF and endorphins make you feel good, you should know that they have the same effect as morphine, nicotine or heroin, the only difference is that the first two are good for you.

feel happy while you exercising

A survey has confirmed the following: people who have exercised, but not at the day of the survey, have better results on the tests for memory than those who have never exercised.

But the results from the people who exercised that morning were incomparable with the people who have never exercised.


- Start exercising as soon as the alarm rings.

- Keep track of your daily workouts and exercise at the same time.

- When you think to start with small steps, start with even smaller. Over time you will get better and better.

- Always keep in mind that you are happiest when you first start exercising.

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