You can replace artificial implants with dental implants that will actually grow in your mouth.

A new method of tooth regeneration was published in the Magazine of Dental Research that will replace current artificial implants.


According to this stem cell research, these cells are extremely transformable and by continually dividing into a new cell, they can repair a tissue for further growth. The specialized cells will have a role and includes muscle cells, skin cells and blood cells.

Human gum cells and stem cells from mice were combined and then transplanted into mouse kidneys in the case of new cell transplants.

Mesenchymal stem cells were the cells that were taken from mouse embryos and surface lining were the cells that were taken from the human gum tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells represent cells with multiple functions so they can actually develop structures like fat, cartilage and bone.

Dr Paul Sharpe is the person conducted the study. He said:

The lab has shown that new teeth can be grown by mesenchymal adult cells with embryonic epithelial cells. The next thing we should do is to combine mesenchymal and adult epithelial cells. That is the last piece of the research.

One of the most interesting facts about this study is that these stem cells implant will last forever.

Soon or later, in the place of having artificial plants inserted, people will have a tooth grow in their mouth.

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Source: Wellmindness

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