Every person wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. However, there are many natural treatments which should make your hair growth stronger, faster and many treatments against hair loss.


You should definitely try powerful homemade which will accelerate your hair growth before you spend a small fortune on these treatments. Keep reading and find out the essential ingredients of this amazing recipe


If you lose hair all over your body, then you should be definitely worried despite every person loses 50 to 100 strands daily which can not be noticed with naked eye.


-         ½ glass of beer

-         1 tbsp of organic honey

-         Egg yolk

-         ½ banana


Mix all the ingredients together until you get homogenous mass. You can use the mixture properly only if it’s creamy and homogenous.

How to apply it:

Apply the mixture especially on the most affected parts of the scalp and all over your scalp. Keep the area (scalp) warm by putting a paper film over the mixture. The mixture will enter deeply into your skin in this way. Let it act for 1-2 hours and then wash it off. Perform this procedure once per week for getting the best results.

Have a nice day and expect the results!

Source: Healthy Food Team

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