You’re disappointed by your lack of progress and results, and you train hard and you’ve tried everything, but you can’t gain muscle weight and you have no idea how to get rid of the fat in the stomach and how to gain lean muscle mass.

The worse is when: the lack of results makes you lose your motivation for going to the gym. You may not get the weight because you have bad genetics and a fast metabolism. That’s why you should continue with more difficult and intense training.

Top 3 Mistakes in bodybuilding. You’ve been tricked. You don’t have a fast metabolism or bad genetics. And you don’t need to train harder. You just have to train wise. So stop making these mistakes:

- You don’t eat sufficiently. The reason for not gaining muscle weight(mass) is because you don’t eat enough. I know you think you eat enough, but not exactly. If you eat enough you won’t be slim.

- Training as a professional bodybuilder. The isolated exercises six times a week won’t help you to build large muscle mass. And if you use steroids, you will over train by going to the gym so many times a week.

- Spending money on supplementation. Most supplements don’t provide what they promise and they are always useless without a solid diet and training program.

muscle mass

Here’s how you can gain on weight quickly. It doesn’t matter how slim you are or how long you’ve been trying to get the weight. Simply you just need to use the right methods. And that is:

- Eat a lot. The results will become visible and you’ll gain muscle mass when you start eating at least 5000 calories a day – permanently. Milk, pasta, nuts, eggs and tuna should be your new friends.

- Training for strength. Did you know that Schwarzenegger could lift 220 kg? That’s how he built his figure: With exercises with weights.

- Take a day for rest. Muscles grow while resting, not while you train. If you go to the gym 6 times a week and train hard all the time, your muscles will never get the chance to recover and grow.

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