Cancer is one of the most lethal, and toxic diseases which exist nowadays. Most cancer types cannot be cured, but they can be restrained.

The number of people who do not survive cancer every year is 7.6 million. The fight against cancer is intimidating and it obstructs the metabolic processes and the healthy cells are also affected. The growth of the cells is called tumor. These lumps prevent the normal function of the body and they release hormones which inhibit the metabolic processes. Malignant tumors, which circulate the body via the blood, usually destroy the healthy tissues.

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Smoking, drinking, and unhealthy diet are affiliated with cancer incidence. This is corroborated by a number of studies.

Healthy diet is crucial for success. Proper nutrition is the cheapest and fastest way to prevent cancer.

Most of the food we eat on a daily basis has negative effect on our health and in some cases, the food we eat directly causes cancer.

Fortunately, there are foods which can improve the quality of life and they are recommended by the best nutritionist. You need to start consuming diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables. They can reduce the cancer risk and are rich in antioxidants which fight the radical damage. Being rich in minerals and vitamins, they are ideal for the organism.


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