Ginger is a spice with magical powers that has the potential to cure various diseases. It has countless health benefits, however the most powerful is the one that it is a possible cure for cancer.

Research has also proven the effects of turmeric as a possible cure for cancer that is completely natural.

Researchers were quite shocked when they found out that a lot of cancer medications are ineffective and instead of curing the disease they speed the fatality rate.

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Anti-Cancer Capacity of Ginger

A recent mice study which was performed at the Georgia State University found out that ginger extract was really effective with prostate cancer. The size of the tumor was decreased to beyond 56 %. Furthermore, there was also reduced inflammation and increased levels of antioxidants in the mice.

Another study corroborated the ginger effects. According to it there is an ingredient in the ginger, called 6-shogaol, which is thousands times more powerful than chemo. The target were the stem cells in breast cancer which are the root of this disease.

The stem cells (root cells) are also called ‘mother cells’ and these create a number of cancer types. ‘Daughter cells’ are formed from these and they attack the body. These cells are very dangerous because they are practically indestructible. A tumor consist of 1 % of stem cells while the others are daughter cancer cells.

These stems have the ability to re-generate and flourish in an infinite cycle. They are not targeted by chemo. They are capable of regenerating and forming new tumor colonies even after the tumors have been cured. In order to be fully treated, cancer patient should have even the last cancer stem cell destroyed.

According to newest studies 6-shogaol is very effective in focusing on the cancer stem cells. These ingredient is created when the ginger is dried or cooked and its powers are almost limitless. The anti-cancer properties of ginger are remarkable and more powerful than those of chemo.

This compound targets the cancer cells, but it does not harm the healthy cells, which is not the case with chemo and other cancer treatments.

According to researches 6-shogaol impacts the cell turnover that increase the cancerous cells destruction. It cause a process which is known as autophagy and destroys the cells. This compound has the power to inhibit the creation of breast cancer spheroids as well.

Researchers conducted studies about taxol, which is a cancer medication, and the findings were that it is was not nearly as effective as 6-shogaol when it comes to killing cancer stem cells.

Taken as a whole, 6-shogaol is beyond comparable when it comes to effectiveness in preventing tumor formation and at the same time keeping the healthy cells intact. According to scientist, there is a need of additional studies to show that conventional cancer treatments are not nearly as powerful as this natural remedy.


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