Blackheads mostly appear on your neck, cheeks and nose,  but sometimes they can also appear  on your shoulders. They are definitely unwanted and unpleasant to look at, so the people who struggle with blackheads seek easy and simple ways to remove them.

But the proper question that we need to answer is what actually is triggering the appearance of these unwanted and unpleasant dark spots on our skin?

The blackheads are clogged pores, which usually appear as a result of hormonal imbalance, bad(poor) diet, greasy hair and oily skin.

The good thing is that you can treat blackheads, but the million dollar question is how to get rid of blackheads when they appear?

Get Rid of Blackheads With This Super-Simple Homemade Remedy In Just 5 Minutes!

Try these super-simple and natural 2 ingredient remedy and the results will come quickly:


- a several drops of honey
- 1/2 lemon

Method of Preparation:

Put several drops of honey on the lemon half and then rub it gently all over your face, especially the problematic skin area.

After five to seven minutes, you should rinse your face. What is very important to remember is to always use cold water for rinsing your face. There will be improvements even after the very 1st treatment, the skin will be cleaner and softer! If needed, the treatment should be repeated several more times.


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