The best allies in the fight against the “unwanted” blackheads are egg white and lemon juice.

Attentive body & face care, good nutrition and hydration are the best assistants of healthy and beautiful skin. If you desire to remove the annoying blackheads we are recommending to you to use this amazing trick.

Lemon juice is a very powerful ally in the fight against bacteria and fat – both in the preparation of cosmetic products and in the household. It is also proven that is an excellent tool in brightening the skin, closing the pores of the skin and combating pimples.

The egg white is also a powerful assistant for clean and healthy face and combined with lemon juice is even better.

Get Rid of Blackheads Effectively - Natural Homemade Mask With Only 2 Ingredients!

This is how to prepare this very powerful homemade mask which will remove the blackheads successfully.


- 1 tsp squeezed lemon juice(fresh)
- 1 egg white (carefully removed from the yolk)

Method of Preparation and Usage:

First, with a whirl, stir the egg white until you get a smooth mixture, and after that add it in the squeezed lemon juice.

Wash your face with warm water to clean any dirt from it.

With brush of natural hair, you should apply the mask on your entire face except the area around your  eyes (if some of the mask gets in your eyes, quickly rinse them with water-warm).

Let the mask for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Afterwards, just peel the mask from your face!

You should continue applying face cream after you completely remove the mask, especially recommended is the chamomile cream.


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