Millions of dollars are spent every year on various anti-aging beauty products for getting minimal results. However, all of us posses best anti wrinkle therapy in the kitchen. According to all the specialists and scientists, garlic is one of the best antibiotics and antioxidants around. Antibiotics eliminate skin infections and remove acne. By encouraging cell growth, antioxidants help with premature aging.


A Remarkable Garlic Recipe

Garlic is extremely effective in the fight against wrinkles. It is the ideal ingredient for a face mask, due to its superior antibacterial properties. With a bit of olive oil and honey in the recipe, you can also add a few great moisturizers.

All the products consisted in this recipe make your skin soft, fight bacteria and calm the skin. For getting best and fast results, opt for organic honey. You can use jarred minced garlic if you can not find fresh garlic.


-         2 tbsp of honey

-         2 ½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil

-         2-3 garlic cloves


The first thing you should do is to peel, place and mix the garlic into a blender or food processor. Mix until you get homogenous texture and then add the honey and the olive oil and continue mixing. If needed, add a little extra honey or olive oil. Pour the mash into container with lid and store it in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Let the mask overnight. Wash your face thoroughly and apply the mask. Do not forget that your face should be free of make-up. By making circular motions, gently apply the mixture. Try not to press hard if you used raw honey in the recipe because it will act like sandpaper.

Let the mask act for 15 min but not more than 20 because it can burn the skin if left on too long. Pat your face gently with a soft towel after you wash the mask off with warm water. Apply some moisturizer or olive oil for ultra softness and additional hydration.

Apply the mask 3 times a week for optimum results.

Pimples and Blemishes

You can successful treat blackheads, acne and blemishes with another fabulous garlic recipe. This powerful recipe contains additional products including tea tree oil, lemon juice and oatmeal.

Tea tree oil is powerful antibacterial and antiseptic. Lemon is great tonic and oatmeal rejuvenates the skin.

Garlic Blackheads Fighter


-         2 tbsp honey

-         5 drops lemon juice

-         2 drops tea tree oil

-         1 ½ tbsp oatmeal ground

-         2 cloves crushed garlic


Peel, place and mix the garlic into a blender and food processor. Pour the mixture in small ceramic bowl.

Add the lemon juice, tea tree oil and oatmeal and slowly mix in the honey until the mixture becomes homogenous. Let the mask overnight and then apply it on the face.

Do not forget to remove the make-up. Using circular motions with your fingers, spread a thin layer of mask. Let it act for 20 min. wash it off and then apply moisturizer or olive oil for optimum results.

Apply the mask 3-4 times per week to visibly reduce blackheads.

Source: Positive Med

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