P90X is an extreme home fitness program that is led by the motivational coach Tony Horton. This program is very heavy and has a high intensity exercise performance. The repeated series are mostly made with medium weights until you can move them. You are required to lead a healthy diet plan, and to be fit and in form. To achieve the best results and avoid injury, you should increase your fitness level and to prepare yourself for the efforts required by the P90X program.

How to prepare yourself for the P90X -Fitness Program ?

1. Get the equipment you need to perform the P90X exercises. Buy pull up bar, resistance bands, dumbbells and weights with various sizes, suitable trainers and yoga sponge. As an option it remains to exercise the program in a nearby fitness center.

2. If you are beginners, 3 weeks before you start the program start to walk 45 min. to one hour, three times a week. This is a great exercise to increase endurance and physical activity. If you are prepared enough, then you can do the 4-week running program.

3. Start making pull ups. The pull up bar is a major part of the P90X program which is focused on performing various exercises. Even the most fit may have problems when performing exercises in which the pull up bar is included, so regardless of your fitness, at least 1 month before starting the exercise program do pull up exercises.

Fitness Program

4. Review the program and the diet plan and plan your meals after the P90X nutrition plan. A clean, unprocessed foods with a focus on protein and vegetables are recommended by the P90X nutrition plan. Not only you should adhere to the recommended food, you should also be familiar with the recipes that are given by the program. The program will help you get the desired results and to get the maximum.

To see the whole P90X Program go to this site : Beachbody.com 

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