To vaccinate or not? This question weighs on the minds of millions of parents. There is a major deference between France and United States when it comes to vaccination. Before most other countries raise a collective eyebrow, the French people seem to catch on long. The French people are so smart and as a culture, this country is able to see through smart marketing ploys.

For example, in 1992 French citizens were protesting against McDonalds in the streets, while the people in the states finally started to consume food. The protests spilled into (fights, protests)) violent confrontation where the activists lit a bonfire outside a McDonalds.

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France has banned the sale of herbicides that contain Roundup (deadly glyphosate), doesn’t trust Monsanto and mandated the labeling of GMOs along with strict restriction on their cultivation.

The vaccine industry was extended by the collective distrust of corporate ulterior motives. The doubts of the French people about the effectiveness of vaccines have continued to skyrocket since 2005.

Michele Rivasi from the European Parliament highlighted her skepticism about vaccine safety. In 2005, 58% of the French doctors expressed doubts about vaccine safety.

The anti vaccination increased from10-40% between 2005-2010. One third of the French medical doctors are concerned about safety of vaccines.

Today in 2015, there is no doubt that there are more French doctors against vaccination. However, it will be incorrect to say that all the doctors in the US are completely in the dark. 13 percents of the doctors (pediatricians) in the United States deviate from the recommended vaccination schedule. The pediatricians form one of the most eminent universities in the US, who want to remain anonymous, explain the following:

“My son has never been vax and is one of those pediatrician’s kids. The pediatrician parent of the child is actually the department chair of pediatrics. So why don’t we vaccinate? TO show that it is safe, the burden of proof is on them. And believe me… And they haven’t…. We have been through every piece of research.

Why the French are actually ahead of the US in the vaccine op-out trend is due to media coverage. Major media refuses to cover something when in America something bad happens related with vaccination. Major media are sponsored by vaccine industry. So, most of the people continues on their merry way without knowledge about what actually occurring.

The journalists are blacklisted when a story runs that questions.

However, the situation if France is totally different. They media there cover stories of vaccine death and they even make front page news.

People in French are far better informed about the effectiveness and vaccine safety than most other countries.

The vaccine industry started aggressive lobbying in US because they have already noted the trend of decreasing. The vaccine industry is trying to change the mind of the Americans before the people there catch on to what the French actually know.

Viva la France.

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