Here are some rules and advice for an effective and healthy weight loss that you need to follow in order to get your desired results .

1.First of all, at evenings you should eat less because during your sleep your metabolism slows down , so  it would be desirable to omit dinner , but if you can’t , eat something easy and  non-caloric . It is best to eat some fruit like apples or some non-caloric food, so in the morning when you get up you’ll have enough energy left to start your day effectively.

2.Exercise. Studies have shown that women who exercise daily for half an hour , lost 15 % more fat around the waist than those women who did not exercise . Also, daily exercise reduce overall body mass by 4 % . You should start in the beginning with easier exercises and then when your body will get use to the training , you should start with more intense exercises.Exercise is key to healthy weight loss.

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3.Use spices rather than salt . You will feel less bloating . Salt is bad for the blood pressure. Raised blood pressure or hypertension is one of the factors that causes strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.  Salt retains water and can affect weight fluctuation. So , if you want to lose weight successfully and be healthy , use less salt and more spices.

4. Good sleep reduces appetite . Yes, that’s right . Experts found that those who sleep at night just four hours, during the day have an increased appetite by 23 % . Therefore they advise that is enough to sleep at least 7 hours in the night . It is best to sleep at night and to avoid sleeping at day time because than you’ll be in accordance with the biorhythm  so you’ll not have any problems with your appetite .

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