If you are ready to go on vacation and plan to spend it at the beach, here are some foods that you should avoid if you don’t want to have problems with digestion.

Carbonated drinks

Before go to the beach, you should absolutely avoid all carbonated drinks, because they will cause bloating for sure.

Salty foods

Salty food causes fluids retention in the body so choose foods that have less sodium.If it’s not necessary, try to avoid this kind of food before go to the beach.

Beach food

Vegetables from the cabbage family

Although, kale, cabbage and broccoli are great foods for weight loss, it is not recommended to take before go to the beach because it’s also cause stomach bloating.

Chewing gum

Maybe it sounds pretty ridiculous, but chewing gum can really causes bloating because we are swallowing a large amounts of air.

Sweet drinks

If you love sweet drinks and cocktails on the beach, think again: between natural sugar and artificial sweeteners that are found in all beverages, high levels of fructose can cause bloating.

Dairy products

If you have any form of lactose intolerance, then avoid dairy products before go to the beach. They cause bloating and other stomach upsets.

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