In 2002, this man was diagnosed with 5.5 cm big benign brain tumor. Right after that, a surgical procedure was performed by the doctors in Bulgaria, which went excellent.

elderberry against cancer

Unfortunately, after a period of 2 years, the tumor was back and it turned out that it was actually metastatic cancer – recurrent type.

The doctors recommend him to perform another surgery, but this time a laser one, in order to remove the tumor again. The tumor was effectively removed from the brain but unfortunately, his left leg and arm were paralyzed.

The man had radiotherapy treatments all the time and his life was in the hands of oncology. After a short period of time the tumor was back again. The man had to have another surgery.

Surprisingly, he met the man who changed his whole life forever when he went to a rehab process.

This man has suffered from kidney cancer and he was told and he was told that he was left three months to live. This man has also met a woman who advised him to start with the consumption of black elderberry IMMEDAITELY. These extremely powerful fruits have extremely strong medicinal and healing properties.

Here is the procedure:

  • Pick, wash and dry out the fruits that look like blueberries
  • Layer the elderberries with a lot of sugar and store them in a jar
  • Speed up the fermentation process by placing the jar under the sun. Close them with a lid after a 2 weeks store them in the refrigerator.


Take a tsp of this powerful remedy 10 min before you have your breakfast. You should prepare another portion when you will finish with the first one. Sounds easy, but extremely effective. It can change your life forever!

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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