Arsenic represents cancer causing agent that can significantly harm your overall health. Finally FDA admits that chicken meat in America does contain arsenic. It’s even more appealing because of the fact that this chemical is added to the chicken feed deliberately.

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Especially after the FDA had carried out their own research, things went from bad to worse. Arsenic added to the feed of the chicken actually ends up in the chicken meat and finally in the humans’ stomachs. One thing is clear, people in the US has been eating arsenic that comes from the chicken stuff in the last half a century.

The problem appeared when the US poultry and FDA conducted a groundbreaking study. They actually concluded the following: “The arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces”.

Roxarsone is the name of the manufacturer of the chicken feed product.

This chemical was found in the liver of 50% of all chicken tested so FDA asked the manufacturer to stop producing arsenic containing drug.

It was proved that this harmful ingredient is sold in dozen other countries. The regulators have to ban this chemical, they are in charge.

However, FDA proves that low level of arsenic in chicken is still safe for consumption. All the scientists, nutritionists and doctors claim, prove and explains that arsenic increases the risk of cancer.

The National Chicken Council is another institution that supports FDA. Many studies and researches have been made about this case, but the chicken meat is still present on the US market.

However, we will present chicken devours some advices that may find them useful:

-         Do not forget to read the date on the package

-         You should make sure that the fat content on the meat is not pastry or gray, but white to deep yellow.

-         Avoid the chicken at all costs if the meat is bright pink.

-         Opt for Certified Organic meat products. It is definitely the safest way for all of us.

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