The winter is on our doorstep. It is time to move less and eat more fatty food , which after the winter can be seen on our thighs or our stomach.

Here are some quick winter diets with which you’ll have results:

Diet – Menu of 800 calories !

This low-calorie diet is appropriate for people who spend a lot of time sitting, but is prohibited for pregnant women or while intensive work. Ideal when you want to lose only 2-3 pounds because is great for quick weight loss without a risk to our health. Make a table of calories and start the first week with menu of 800 calories. The second week you can increase the number of calories to 1200. You shouldn’t  hold this diet more than one month.


Menu :

Breakfast: coffee with low-fat milk + 50 grams bread with tomato and olive oil + 40 grams low-fat cheese or ham

Lunch: salad of cooked vegetables on steam + meat or fish or shellfish or eggs + 1 fruit

Dinner: a serving of cooked or fresh vegetable salad + tuna canned or sardine or cheese or ham + 4 walnuts or almonds + 1 fruit

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