This rapid diet will quickly take you back in shape, it will clean your body of toxins and you’ll lose a few pounds, knowing that the season for overeating has already started.

How does it work?

The diet is rich in vegetables and it relies on its benefits. Vegetables can be raw, or cooked in soup, and after only two days of its consumption you’ll feel much better. Also, you’ll be energized because vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals.

What should you know?

While holding this diet you shouldn’t eat vegetables rich in starch, such as peas, lentils, potatoes.

You should eat the carrot and the beet in moderate quantities  and you must combined them with other vegetables.

The basis of your diet should be the vegetables that are full of fluid. These include cucumbers, tomatoes, dark tomatoes, zucchini …

It is recommended to not peal the fruits because in their crust hides most of the antioxidants. Also, do not eat them in a form of juice, but chopped in pieces.


The relationship between fresh and cooked vegetables should be 1/3: 2/3 to avoid the difficulties in the stomach.

The diet lasts only 3 days, and you should practice it once a month.

After its completion, try to enter more protein and starch, so the next 3-4 days enter two dairy and two kinds of meat or fish and vegetables rich in starch once a day.

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