Diets that work for a certain part of the body are most often those who are most wanted and most effective.

There are three main types of female construction – apple, pear and hourglass. Determine your type and find out how you should eat to quickly defeat the excess weight.

Type of construction – Apple: The lean meat melts the fat around the waist

In women with body shape in the form of apples, excess centimeters usually pile up in the area of the waist and the stomach. So try out the following diet:

1. Increase the amount of food rich in cellulose (cereals, legumes)
2. Start the day with fresh fruit
3. Reduce the fat with animal origin

4. Eat lean meat, from sweets consume only dried fruit and honey, and fruit exclusively from citrus fruits. It is recommended to consume more soy, fish and nuts.
5. More liquids, especially water and herbal teas are always welcome. Ginger tea is also recommended, which is a great drink for detoxification.

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