A woman that was suffering from a basal cell carcinoma, skin cancer on the crow of the head, has been cured by the insistence of her daughter on directly applying baking soda pastes on the spot affected by the skin cancer. Firstly, the mother of Kyneret Azizo resisted, but Azizo, who is a respected advocate and writer of natural remedies, had read about many people who cured skin cancer simply with water and baking soda (not a baking powder, but bicarbonate of soda).

The Eye-Opening Evidence That You Have To Know! Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Can Cure Skin Cancer!

But after 3 surgical procedures, the cancer returned worse every time, the mother had yielded to Azizo’s advice. She made a mixture of baking soda with a pure cold organic coconut oil in a thick paste instead of a water. She knew that the coconut oil is having skin cellular regenerative powers and assumed that the oil will be great adjunct for baking soda. She applied it on the cancerous spot without rubbing it in and then she let it to stay there.

This sort of ointment or antibiotic application that someone chooses to use is done when the open wound closes. However, Azizo has continued the coconut oil and baking soda application with an addition of vinegar soaked in cotton and applied directly on the skin, which means that the baking soda was penetrated into the basal cells carcinoma roots that are beyond the surface of the skin.

After applying the coconut oil – baking soda diligently for about 38 days, the mother of Azizo was completely healed from the skin cancer and her wounds totally disappear. Even though, this type of cancer is not deadly like the melanoma is, nonetheless it can continue to spread on the skin till it is completely cured.

We are talking about basic household baking soda, which is very cheap, not something fancy or even unusual. The rumors of an aluminum in the baking soda are foolish. It is baking powder that usually is containing aluminum unless the label is saying aluminum free. The baking soda is very alkaline producing, and the cancer tumors thrive on the acidic environments while folding underneath alkaline settings.


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