According to the statistics, every second person is trying to get rid of the excess pounds so we are all aware how difficult it can be to stay away from the extra fat in your body.

Obesity can cause many health issues such as:

  • Psychological or physical stress
  • Different issues with your thyroid gland, ulcers, blood pressure, cardiac disorders, digestive issues and diabetes.
  • All the people with excess pounds actually consume more food than they need. If these people eat as much as they need, water and food storage can be solved more easily. Do not forget that 1/3 of the people eat 50% more

food than they can digest.


We all know that is extremely easy to gain weight, but getting rid of them can be a great issue. Today we will present you the most important reasons why we actually gain extra pounds:

  • Sleeping during the day, unhealthy lifestyle
  • Pastries, fried foods, bakes, flour and white bread
  • Lack of physical activity. We just sit in the car, we do not go out for a walk and we spend our lives in front of our computers.
  • Bad eating habits such as fast food
  • The consumption of packaged or processed foods



Overweight people are not often aware that they are obese and they have many issues that should be solved.

You should definitely change your diet and lifestyle if you gain some extra pounds and you do not feel good about it.

By using WTH (wait-to-hip) ratio, you can easily find out if you are overweight. You clothes are an excellent indicator about your weight. If you feel hungry although you eat often, you have probably gained weight, you are told by someone or you always think about food.


Prepare your diet plan if you gained some weight or you are overweight.


You should also follow the following rules:

  • Avoid junk foods such as sweets, canned foods, pizza, pastries, processed foods, fried foods and hot tog because they are full of chemicals and preservatives
  • Use salad, lime juice, seasonal fruit and smoothies as snack but do not eat snack more than 4 times per day
  • You can eat lightly cooked vegetarian food with some meals
  • Walk at least 515 min before you have your meal
  • Try to avoid canned juices and tea, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol
  • Do not drink water during and after your meal. Drink a cup of water 60 min after eating
  • Eat less food than you  feel you actually need
  • Kick up and finish your day with a glass of lukewarm water
  • Do not eat food after 8 PM. Drink some milk or consume a piece of fruit
  • 30% if the meals should be liquid

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