Nowadays, the word is that cardio is definitely not the most effective way of achieving your dream body. Actually, resistance training is the answer you were looking for.

Pushups and Squats Increase Muscle Mass

According to a study which included 53 patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, resistance exercise significantly increased the muscle mass and the fat-free mass. Moreover, this type of exercise also decreased the fatty liver, iron and insulin levels. So, this study proved that this type of exercise improves the metabolic syndrome in patients who have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

There is a lot of information about different types of exercise and it is sometimes difficult to decide which type is ideal for you.

Nevertheless, in this article you can read about the absolutely BEST exercises. Doing them will cost you nothing, yet you will tone and tighten your body.

Top 10 Exercises for Losing Weight

1.The Squat

Doing squats is something that everybody does on a daily basis, whether it is sitting on a chair or hitting the loo. This is a basic movement and it helps you shape the butt and the entire leg.

Bodyweight squats can be very challenging, and you can also add dumb bells or a barbell for extra weight. Watch the following video and see how it is done.

2.The Lunge

This exercise will help you tone and tighten the hamstrings and the butt. Watch the following video for a demonstration.

In case you have a knee pain of any kind, do a glute bridge instead of a lunge.

3.The Push Up

Doing push-ups will help you tine the upper chest, and strengthen the triceps. You can do push-ups just anywhere, regardless of your fitness level. Moreover, doing this exercise will strengthen your core as well.

4.The Pull Up

A number of people cannot perform this exercise at the beginning, but there are some easier alternatives which can be performed and which will help you tone your back.

5.The Plank

The plank is the perfect exercise for strengthening the entire core and that includes the transverse abdominous as well. This is the muscle which will reduce and prevent back pain. The goal is to try and do a plant for an entire minute.

6.The Spider Crawl

This exercise will strengthen your core and at the same time increase your hips’ mobility.

7.The Get Up

Sic pack abs are everybody’s desire, and most people are not aware that you can get them and at the same time blast other muscles. This triceps move will help you lose the bat wings and will also engage the core.

8.The Burpee

This exercise affects all of the major muscle groups and will also make your heart pumping. Doing this exercise will make you burn more belly fat than any other cardio exercise. Moreover, you can modify it to any fitness level.

9.The Skater

This is another movement that will make your heart pumping. This lateral movement is perfect for developing ankle and knee stability. You can easily modify this movement if you want max calorie burn, with minimum jolting to the joints or jumping.

10.Jumping Rope

This exercise will help you tone your legs and arms while burning tons of calories. Watch the video for some advice.

Source: Live Strong

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