People in Japan use different healing techniques that can treat numerous health issues in just 5 min. Many Japanese experts prove and claim that every finger is linked with two organs in the human body.

Shin Jitsu is the name of this method which stimulates certain points on the body and balances the energies in the body – essential for emotional and physical health of the person.


Holding your finger for a few minutes while breathing deeply and then massaging the fingers on both hands are the only things you should do.

How Does It Work?

You should take up the respective finger with the other hand hold it tightly for 5 min in order to act on a certain organ. You need to breathe deeply while you perform this technique and after that you have to massage all the fingers on both of your hands.

In the text below you can read about the connection between your fingers and organs:

Little Finger

Physical symptoms: pain in the throat, bone issues, heart diseases

Emotions: lack of self confidence, nervousness, anxiety

Organs: small intestines, heart

Ring Finger

Physical symptoms: asthma, digestion issues and skin conditions

Emotions: sadness, pessimism, fear

Organs: large intestine, lungs

Middle Finger

Physical symptoms: circulation problems, tiredness, headaches, migraines, menstrual pain.

Emotions: indetermination, anger, rage

Organs: liver and yolky bitter

Index Finger

Physical symptoms: digestion problems, tooth and muscle pain, back pain

Emotions: discontent, confusion, fear

Organs: kidneys, urinary bladder


Physical symptoms: headaches, anxiety, stomach pain, skin issues

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Organs: spleenwort and stomach

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