Experts have a million little advices when it comes to exercising and to learn them all we need a long time, but a few basic tips must constantly bear in our minds.

- Exercise in the morning: because then the air is very fresh and will be easier for you to find shadow.

- Don’t forget to do stretching exercises at the beginning, and also at the end of the exercising.

- Always bring a towel with yourself, so you wipe yourself during the workout, because you’ll be constantly sweating.

- If you run along the beach before you exercise, select an area where sandy soil is denser and harder. So that way you will not  burden your feet , especially at the first days of the exercising.

ADVICE FROM Jennifer Nicole, women’s fitness guru:

Jennifer Nicole is a fitness guru and mother of two children and she is dedicated to two major objectives- motherhood and healthy lifestyles.

During and after her pregnancy, Nicole gained  40 pounds. Being aware of the mistake she has done, she decided to start a fierce battle with the extra pounds. Today she is a symbol of fitness lady.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

- Every day sport for 30 minutes , don’t eat at night, choose only healthy foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, fresh pressed juices, more protein. Do not give up easily! Sometimes it is difficult and even annoying but it’s part of the biggest fight in my life. Fight for your health and happiness! Nicole advises.

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