The 5:2 diet is actually diet plan where we can consume everything we want – eat “normally”, and to watch out what we put into our stomach only two days a week. Because of the fact that the 5:2 diet is very simple and easy, it’s number one regimen for many people in the last few years.

The essential thing of the 5:2 diet is the following: You can keep your food habits five days a week and consume what you normally eat, and two days a week, you should follow the golden rule to intake no more than 500 calories for women and 600 for men. If you enter 550 calories instead of 500 or 700 for men instead of 600, doesn’t mean that diet won’t be successful, but the results of the diet will not be as good as you expected. If you follow the proper diet plan, you can lose at least 7 pounds per month.


I personally recommend you Monday and Thursday to be your limited days. You can consume the following food these days:


- A few tablespoons of muesli with dried fruit and seeds placed in 150ml dietary yogurt or:

- 2 Eggs Omelette, one tablespoon cheese cubes (possibly beaten), half onion, one large pepper and half tomato.


- Roast chicken stake (medium size) with a piece of bread and salad or seasonal vegetables

- Small pizza dough that you can covered with a little tomato sauce and lots of vegetables. Sprinkle with parmesan or during the cooking add a little cheese or finely chopped ham cubes.


- Toast with hard (beaten) cheese

- A cup of milk with a lower percentage of fat and a few tablespoons of muesli.

*Enjoy in the simplicity and the results of our diet plan.


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