Unaccidentally, the wine is called nectar of the gods. Australian biochemist created wine rich in antioxidants that could cure several diseases.

It is already known that wine (in moderation: one cup a day) is good for our heart, but it also reduces the weight, strengthens the body and to give freshness to your skin. However, red wine has a few more good sides…

It’s good for weight loss

This is another good reason for a glass of red wine with dinner: Scientists from the University of Ulm in Germany found that resveratrol, which is really good antioxidant in the peel of the grapes, inhibit the quantities of fat from the fat cells. It also helps in the prevention of diseases caused by obesity, diabetes and blocked arteries.

benefits of red wine

It relaxes the body

Antioxidants in the wine are good for a damaged skin. Maybe it’s time to try something new – to try the wine bath. Fill the bathtub and put 20 drops of jasmine oil, a quarter cup  of oil from the seeds of the grapes, a cup of sea salt and 300 grams of red wine. Enjoy this bath for 20 minutes.

Secure marinade

Prepare the grill. Before a couple of years, University of Porto in Portugal revealed that marinated meat in red wine two hours before the preparation is 88 percent less carcinogens compared with un-marinated meat.

Reduces cholesterol

Red wine contains flavonoids that are also found in grapefruits and cocoa, which act as a strong antioxidants and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

Protect the heart and the blood vessels

Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols are helping in the protection of the blood vessels and the heart. They make the blood vessels more flexible and prevent clogging of them.

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