After a hard workout it’s important to compensate the lost energy, and to not do the opposite effect and neutralize the hard work with wrong food choices. The following list contains foods that are good for you to quickly restore the lost energy, and that will not jeopardize your line.

1.Frappe !

Yogurt as one of the ingredients of this tasty beverage helps to reduce the pain caused by the hard training and muscle inflammation. Mix it with some fruits and you’ll get a perfect drink that will saturate you after exercise and will refresh you.


2. Muesli and yogurt !

Muesli, food rich in carbohydrates, fibers and proteins is something you need to start to consume after a workout. For perfect combination you can add yogurt, which is rich in protein and you’ll  get a perfect small meal that will quickly recharge your batteries for future activities.


3.Dried fruit !

Feel free to consume dried fruit after strenuous exercise. They are rich in proteins and the carbohydrates are good for recovery of the damaged tissue after the strenuous exercise.

4. Steam Vegetables prepared with tofu cheese !

We have already noted that it is important to enter proteins after exercise, and this meal, in addition to being rich in tofu cheese, helps your body to take full advantage of the exercise and that your body to properly use all the benefits of the workout.

5.Chicken or tuna sandwich !

If you want a certain meal that will saturate you after strenuous exercise, the best choice is tuna or chicken sandwich. The nutritional properties of this food are excellent choice for fast recovery and energy compensation.


6. Humus !

Humus is made from chickpeas, which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and are among the foods that you should eat after a workout.

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