This diet is the right choice for you, if you like to lose weight on a healthy way. Neither you’ll bother yourself excessively about this diet, nor you’ll be hungry, none of it! So we talk about the Salad diet – whose description with only pair sentences is sufficient.

Of all diets, the diet with salads is probably the easiest to learn and to accept. It’s based on two basic ideas, one is if you want to lose weight, you have to  replace the high calorie meals with meals with fewer calories, and the other is by including salads in your menu, therefore you can easily cut down the calories on a daily basis .

This isn’t a fast diet!

Applying this diet, you’ll probably lose somewhere between 4 to 7 pounds per month (or, to motivate you – it’s between 40 to 80 pounds per year!), how much you’ll lose will largely depend on your daily calorie intake, which are based on gender, age, height, weight and of course everyday activities.

How to practice this diet?

One of the good elements of the program of the diet with salads is that there aren’t many things to remember. Basically, you can begin to include at least 3 salads a week. They replace the regular meals that you would otherwise eat. Over time, work to increase the number of salads a week, until you to eat at least once a day a salad as a meal. Another advantage of this diet is that helps you to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

diet with salads

When you practice the  diet with salads , you are setting up a very simple plan for a diet with which you don’t have to starve. Instead, just focus on eating more salads, which by their nature have fewer calories, and therefore your body has fewer calories available for spending, so your body have to ‘seek’ them with the help of certain stocks that you have (otherwise you wouldn’t read this article).

Another thing about this diet is that it helps in reducing fried foods and products with a large amount of sugar that you eat. And not to mention – for an average salad only ten minutes are enough for preparation.

Ideal salads for this diet are those of fruits and vegetables, but in the beginning this shouldn’t be your limit – you are free to use  cheese, sometimes eggs, tuna – so you’ll easily  get used to the replaced meal. Also big salad is ideal with different vegetables – of all colors!

All in all, this is an ideal diet, for times when you don’t have free space in your schedule to prepare complicated dishes and you have too many other commitments or when you’re simply lazy! This is one of the few diets that has no contraindications and all of us can apply it without any problems!

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