Background on Obesity

It is really difficult to maintain proper body weight these days. Our lifestyle and dietary habits are the main reasons for this issues. Even the people who workout permanently have problem with extra pounds. The most shocking thing is that more young children have problem with fatness where some of them are even born fat. 40% of people in India are overweight and according to the statistics, soon half of the world population will have problems with excess pounds.


Problems with being overweight

Obesity can be a great reason for numerous health issues such as:

Gout, diabetes, thyroid problems, ulcers, cardiac problems, digestive issues and high blood pressure are often caused by obesity.

Overweight is also a reason for psychological and physical stress.

All the studies have proved that one third of the world population consumes more food than they really need. Especially obese people consume far more food than they need. The shortage of water and food can be easily solved if people eat as much as they need.

Why people become obese?

All the people are aware that is absolutely easy to gain extra pounds but difficult to get rid of them. These are the reasons why people usually gain extra pounds:

- Consumption of packaged and processed foods

- Fried foods, pastries, bakes, bread and flour are the foods we consume daily

- Bad eating habits -supposedly healthy food is not quite healthy and we often consume healthy food

- Unhealthy lifestyle – insomnia, unpredictable work hours, sleeping late

- No physical activity – Sedentary lifestyle – We do not go out as we did before, we spend too many hours    before our screens, we take a taxi or we just drive

Are we obese?

You definitely need to change your lifestyle if you notice that you have visible extra pounds. With the help of your clothes is the best way to find out that you have gained on weight. You need to be alarmed if they are becoming small.

You feel hungry despite you eat frequently.

If your friend tell you that you have put on weight.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

You need to make a diet plan once you become aware that you are overweight. You can find one the internet or you can make it by yourself. However, you should follow the rules:

- Do not consume water after and during the meals

- Consume smaller meals on every 3 hours and  try to eat a little less food than you really need

- Try to avoid canned juice, tea, soft drinks, alcohol and coffee. Water is your best option

- 30% of the meals should be liquid so choose liquid diet with various soups

- Do not consume food after 8pm, so take a piece of fruit or drink a cup of milk

- Kick up and end the day with a cup of lukewarm water

- Salad, smoothies, seasonal fruit and lime juice are good snacks for you but do not consume more than 4 times per day

- Foods rich in preservatives and chemicals, pizza, processed foods pastries, sweets, canned foods, sweets, hot dog and fried foods are forbidden.

- Lightly cooked vegetarian food is highly recommended

- Walk at least 4 times per day for 15 min

Source: Healthy Food Team

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