Do you think that purslane is nothing more but a useless weed which grows in your yard by itself? If you think this, then you are wrong.

In this article, read about purslane and the reasons it is amazing.

Purslane has a number of health benefits, its leaves especially. It is abundant in essential vitamins and minerals, all of which promote overall health. Purslane is especially rich in iron and calcium, thereby it is especially useful for the strength and health of the bones. Moreover, another perk of purslane is that it lives for up to 25 years, which is unusual for herbs.


Purslane is richer in vitamin A than all green leafy vegetables. Vitamin A is critical since it can prevent cancer. Moreover, this herb contains Omega-3 fatty acids in high amounts, which makes it really powerful when it comes to preventing stroke and heart disease.

Additionally, this herb is GMO-free and that is very important. Having all of these facts into consideration, people should start consuming purslane regularly as part of their diet.

Purslane is really delicious and it can be cooked in the same way as spinach. Moreover, it can be used as an additive in a number of meals. It can also be incorporated in sandwiches and salads. Being rich in proteins, purslane consumption will boost your energy levels and your strength. Furthermore, this plant is very beneficial when it comes to reducing the risk of developing disorders like ADHD and autism in children.

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